About AMPS Ltd

Between the team, we have over 70 years of experience in the magnetic pigments and magnetic ink formulations, coating and striping industries.

  • Magnetic pigments for a range of ISO and non ISO coercivities
  • Formulations for rail and road network, bank note security threads and other secure printing applications
  • Magnetic tape production for applications like air traffic boarding passes, mass transit tickets, aircraft “black box” applications, passport and other documents.
  • Technical advice and support for the printing industry using magnetic slurries or inks.
  • Marketing information specific to our industry.

AMPS Ltd is also involved in the following areas:

Near Field Communication (a form of contactless communication utilising mobile phone technology)
Incorporating pigment in dispersions for absorbing oxygen.
As seen in B&Q and other stores, a paint that can be applied to walls, floors or ceilings and then over painted to give a hard wearing easy clean surface which is magnetically attractive. (attractive in the sense that the painted surface will attract a magnet!)
Incorporating different coatings to secure and optimise thermal papers.