So way back around 1996/1997 AMPS became involved with ElectroChemical Plant in Russian Federation. (ECP for short) ECP had a joint venture and technology transfer with BASF so that they could produce audio and video tape using equipment and formulations from BASF. Of course there were teething problems, but ultimately ECP began producing a fairly good quality audio and video tape. Of course, because AMPS were (still are) involved in magnetic pigment manufacture and distribution, it was initially, predominantly pigment supplied by AMPS that was used at ECP. That changed nearer the end of the audio and video tape life cycle, at the end it was Saehan Media who were supplying the majority of magnetic pigment.

AMPS started reselling ECP audio and video tape into the UK markets around 2001. We were supplying a good quality tape in reasonable quantity at a below market price all around the UK. The benefit, was that we made contacts and developed friendships that have lasted until today.

Now, full circle, AMPS has returned to the audio tape market. We currently have ferric type 1 audio tape which has received good reviews from the duplicators and winders who have tested it and now we’re looking at ways to improve the quality and shorten delivery times. It will take a few months to be in a position to deliver from our warehouse and meantime we ask customers to be patient whilst we make product for sales and build stock. Little steps!