We are very happy to offer a range of metal powders of high purity and fine grind.

Our iron powder

Available in 0.5-20 μm almost spherical in particle shape and can be used in a variety of industries and applications such as:

  • For diamond cutting tools
  • Powder metallurgy and Metal Injection Moulding
  • For Electronic components
  • As Wave absorbing and shielding materials
  • For Thermal batteries
  • For Environmental remediation

Our copper powder

Synthetically manufactured, our copper powder is spherical or approximately spherical in particle shape, and the SEM of the single particle shows that the powder is porous. As the above two features, our superfine copper powder has the same fluidity as atomized powder, and retains the high active performance..

Whether in powder metallurgy or as a catalyst, our copper powder offers better and more useable properties than atomized or electrolytic copper powders.

Color: rosy
Shape: spherical or approximately spherical particle
Particle Size distribution:
D10: 8-13 μm; D50: 15-20 μm; D90: 24-30 μm
Apparent Density:2.8-3.3g/cm3
Tap Density:3.5-5.5 g/cm3

Our pre-alloyed powder

We supply a series of superfine pre-alloyed powders, such as Fe-Cu, Fe-Ni, Fe-Cu-Co, Fe-Cu-Sn, Fe-Cu-Ni-Sn for many applications in a wide range of industries: diamond tools, electronic components, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials, wave absorbing & shielding materials, new composite materials.

Micron grade series of pre-alloyed powder produced synthetically has a laser particle size of 3~10um with homogeneous particle size, good cold press molding, good wear resistance, high sintering activity and a broad scope for application temperature(700~900°C).

In the adaptive temperature range, the sintered matrix has good structural homogeneity and density, and the sintering hardness is 85~100 HRB, the bending strength is more than 1000 MPa.

The prominent characteristics of our powder are good comprehensive mechanical performance and wide application, which is suitable for making high-grade granite cutting & grinding tools, saw blades, engineering drill bit, ceramic cutting & grinding tools, etc.

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