AMPS Europe Ltd are proud to be able to offer ferric grade, type 1 audio tape. Our product comes in C-60 only for the moment. We have plans to introduce C-90, but today only C-60 is available. Reel length is 3350m.

C-60 available today for duplication or winding into blank cassettes, please contact us for more information and to place an order.


  • C-60, 3350m
  • Packed in boxes of 40
  • 72 or 96 boxes per pallet (2160 or 2880 pancake per pallet)

Sample reels are available from our office. We will supply 1 or 2 reels of 3350m, we simply ask that you pay for freight.

Minimum order quantity will be 600 reels.

In addition, we will also be offering cobalt type 2 audio tape for duplication and winding. We are currently negotiating trials and hope to have slit reels ready for sampling in the coming months.

AMPS Ltd first distributed audio tape in 2001 through our association with ECP. We successfully introduced ECP grades, AT-10 and AT-11 into the UK market and continued until 2005. During that time we supplied pallet and box quantities to large and medium sized duplicators and winders.