By now we’ve probably sampled most of UK, EU and N.America. Response from those sampled has been generally good and confidence is high inside AMPS that we can transform sampling into sales. So we’re really looking forward to supporting the customers we’ve reunited with and those we didn’t previously know.

From a personal viewpoint, I think we can say without fear of rebuttal that the pancake we offer is a good quality product. Yes, there are things we want to improve and, with sales, your support and further investment by AMPS, we will improve. It’s not going to happen overnight, but hopefully we can continue to work toward better quality throughout the year.

We’ve pretty much achieved what we set out to. That was, to create an audio pancake in sufficient volume that the industry would have no concern about ongoing supply. Obviously we’ve invested heavily in bringing a tape to the market and now we have to recover some of that cost. So, sales, sales, sales!!