Chemically manufactured, our superfine copper powder is spherical or approximately spherical in shape, and the SEM of the single particle shows that the powder is porous.

With the above two features, our superfine copper powder has the same fluidity as atomized powder, and has the high active performance of a synthetic pigment

Whether in the field of powder metallurgy or as a catalyst, our copper powder has superior capabilities when compared to atomized or electrolytic powders.


With high apparent and tap density; High purity, low impurity content; 

Suitable for making high-grade diamond tools.

  • Fine particle size
  • High apparent and tap density
  • High purity(>99.5%), low impurity content
  • Good fluidity

Our copper powder

Color: rosy
Shape: spherical or approximately spherical particle
Particle Size distribution:
D10: 8-13 μm; D50: 15-20 μm; D90: 24-30 μm
Apparent Density:2.8-3.3g/cm3
Tap Density:3.5-5.5 g/cm3

Main Applications

• Diamond Tools
• Electronic components
• Powder Metallurgy
• Chemical
• Catalyst
• Coating

Laser particle size distribution curve

Density under different temperature