We are manufacturers and distributors. Our products include magnetic pigments, magnetic inks and other speciality chemicals for the printing and coating industries.

AMPS Ltd core product ranges of magnetic pigments and inks have changed very little since starting as sales representatives in the magnetic pigment market in 1999. Over time, we added products to our range and changed the way we worked, moving from agents to distributors, finally manufacturers. Today we are the only company worldwide who can offer magnetic pigment in the full range of coercivities currently used in our industry.

We are very proud of our past and excited for our future. We have a very loyal customer base and pride ourselves in the level of service we offer and quality of customers we serve.

Our aim is to supply all customers with a level of service we can be proud of and our customers can rely on.

AMPS Ltd manufactures and distributes a range of recordable magnetic iron oxides including barium and strontium ferrites and cobalt doped pigments.
We have manufacturing facilities around the world and good access from these sites to major sea and air ports.
Our pigments are used for producing magnetic inks and slurries which are then used to produce plastic cards for entry and exit of secure premises, bank or credit cards, mass transit tickets for road, rail, sea or air travel, magnetic tapes for recording or storage and many other applications.

All our magnetic pigments (with the exception of barium and strontium ferrites), are acicular in particle shape and sub micron in size. Our products conform to industry standards.

  • Magnetic pigment (coercivities from 300 Oe to 4000 Oe)
  • Magnetic Inks (coercivities from 300 Oe to 4000 Oe in solvent or water
  • Oxygen absorbers (ferrous and non-ferrous)