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Manufacturers and distributors of magnetic pigment, magnetic ink and speciality chemicals for the printing industry.

AMPS Europe Ltd manufactures and distributes a range of recordable magnetic iron oxides including barium and strontium ferrites and cobalt doped pigments. We have manufacturing in China and South Korea and good access from these sites to major sea and airports. Our pigments are used for producing magnetic inks and slurries which are then used to produce plastic cards for entry and exit of secure premises, bank or credit cards, mass transit tickets for road, rail, sea or air travel, magnetic tapes for recording or storage and many other applications.

AMPS Europe also distributes a range of speciality chemicals including photo initiator TPO and TPO-L.

Standard products:

  • Magnetic pigment (coercivities from 300 Oe to 4000 Oe)
  • Cobalt doped magnetic pigments
  • Magnetic Inks (coercivities from 300 Oe to 4000 Oe in solvent or water
  • Photo-initiator powder (TPO)
  • Photo-initiator liquid (TPO-L)
  • Oxygen absorbers (ferrous and non-ferrous)

All magnetic pigments (with the exception of barium and strontium ferrites), manufactured by AMPS, are acicular in particle shape and sub micron in particle size. This allows our products to conform to the industry standards.

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    Tel: +44 (0) 1978 810808
    • Bank notes
    • Magnetic tape
    • Travel cards
    • Air traffic boarding pass
    • Train and boat tickets
    • Car park tickets
    • Motorway toll tickets
    • Access cards
    • Vending cards
    • Cosmetics
    AMPS Europe offer products to the coating and ink making markets. These products are made to the highest quality. Currently we can offer:
    • Gamma iron oxides
    • Cobalt gamma iron oxides
    • Strontium ferrites
    • Other “doped” oxides
    • Barium Ferrite
    • Calcined Alumina powder
    • Photo-initiator
    • Other chemicals for the printing industry

    We offer magnetic iron oxides from low coercivity up to 4000 Oe and beyond and manufacture “bespoke” products with specific magnetic properties where standard products are not quite suitable.

    We offer this service to all our customers.


    Between the AMPS Europe team, we have over 70 years of experience in the magnetic formulations, coating and striping industries. Our experience covers the following areas:

    • Formulations for rail and road network, bank note security threads and other secure printing applications
    • Magnetic tape production for applications like air traffic boarding passes, mass transit tickets, aircraft “black box” applications, passport and other secure documents.
    • Technical advice and support for the printing industry using magnetic slurries or inks.
    • Marketing information specific to our industry.

    Make AMPS Europe your choice.

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    AMPS Europe Ltd:

    Distributors and manufacturers of magnetic pigments and inks. AMPS Europe Ltd also distributes for other companies, AMPS Europe Ltd offers technical advice and support. We understand the difficulties of using magnetic inks or pigments if you have not used them before so please contact us for further information.