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Soundwaves found a home finally!!

We’re very happy to be finally coating and producing our soundwaves ferric, AT-11 pancake. The pancake will be wound onto blue NAB hubs with a blue tab tape and 2900m in length. We’re very happy with the quality of the tape and we hope our customers will be too. I’m happy to hear what you […]

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Be involved with AMPS

Do you want to be a part of AMPS success? Do you have a small amount to invest or would you be interested to sell our products in your country?

For investment, please follow our gofund me campaign link here: gf.me/u/vt4d8g

For sales, please contact me by email: amontgomery@amps-ltd.co.uk

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What is an oxygen absorber?

Since the early 2000’s we have seen oxygen absorbers being used to remove the oxygen content in air from high value food products. At AMPS we started distributing oxygen absorbers for the company Powdertech Corporation back in 2001.

The oxygen absorber we are most likely all familiar with is a small sachet of powdered material which, […]

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Customer portal

AMPS Europe Ltd uses Zoho Books to keep track of inventory and for sales and purchasing documents. We have a lot of documents which we have traditionally passed to our customer by email. Given the insecurity of email we thought a better solution would be to use the customer portal feature in Zoho Books.

You […]

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Magnetic pigments and inks, typical use.

Magnetic tape or ink and its many uses.

We all think of credit or debit cards when we see magnetic tape but we have to understand where magnetic tape originated to truly understand its versatility and functionality. Magnetic tape was first invented in 1928 by Fritz Pfleumer who bonded oxide to a strip of paper […]

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Soundwaves, by AMPS.

By now we’ve probably sampled most of UK, EU and N.America. Response from those sampled has been generally good and confidence is high inside AMPS that we can transform sampling into sales. So we’re really looking forward to supporting the customers we’ve reunited with and those we didn’t previously know.

From a personal viewpoint, I […]

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AMPS fine metal powders

We are very happy to offer a range of metal powders of high purity and fine grind.

Our iron powder

Available in 0.5-20 μm almost spherical in particle shape and can be used in a variety of industries and applications such as:

For diamond cutting toolsPowder metallurgy and Metal Injection MouldingFor Electronic componentsAs Wave absorbing and […]

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Magnetic pigments, where are they now?

Hi, my name is Alan, I’m the CEO of AMPS Ltd and I want to share some knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years working in this great industry of ours.

Since I started in magnetics back at the beginning of 1999, I and most of the customers we still have, have witnessed colossal changes to the […]

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AMPS and magnetic tape

So way back around 1996/1997 AMPS became involved with ElectroChemical Plant in Russian Federation. (ECP for short) ECP had a joint venture and technology transfer with BASF so that they could produce audio and video tape using equipment and formulations from BASF. Of course there were teething problems, but ultimately ECP began producing a fairly […]

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